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Старый слегка матерный анекдот

Сидит девушка на скамейке. Подходит алкаш, смотрет на неё и заплетающимся языком "инна... инна ..инна". Девушка ему "я не Инна, я Света". Алкаш ей "иннах..й отсюда".

К чем эт я. А, да. Этот анекдот очень показательно описывает сегодняшнюю инна... инна... инаугурацию.

Vladimir Putin's return is a non-event in the sense that he never went away. Russia has been ruled by Putinism for the past 12 years.

It looks set for another dozen years of authoritarianism, cronyism, systematic corruption, and dangerous political drift at a time of mounting problems for Russia.

The demonstrations don't yet represent a serious challenge to Putin's political authority, let alone a revolutionary situation.

The opposition is neither large nor organised enough to force real change. But there is a widespread feeling that things cannot go on as they were.

It is especially strong among the professional classes. This is an important psychological turning-point, which could lead to a revolutionary situation if the system fails to introduce reforms.

The new Putin government will continue to be jittery about possible "Orange Revolution" scenarios.

Orlando Figes, Professor of History, Birkbeck, University of London


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